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A Minimum Viable Product is the simplest, most cut-back version of your idea - what you get when you strip everything out until you have the smallest and simplest product that will have some value. In many cases, it’s also how your idea should be introduced to the world.

Planning Tools

Planning is the most important step of a project, and we believe it’s where you should spend most of your time. At Empathy, we routinely spend more than 50% of a project’s time in the planning stage.

Why we like to build prototypes on other services

Building an application, LEGO style

How we keep costs low

Software development has a habit of being expensive, but with the right planning it doesn’t have to be. There are several techniques that can be used to keep costs low and development speed high. When these techinques are used, the result can be a win for both the client and the consultant.